Chelsea Heights Hairdresser

Best Hairdresser in Chelsea Heights

Are you looking for the best haircut in Chelsea Heights? We are a local chelsea heights hairdresser dedictaed to giving you the best haircut available. We have been servicing the hair industry for over 15 years and have the experience to meet your needs. Our passion is making people feel beautiful. Come visit a hair salon near you

Our skill is hair and what we do with it!!

Haircuts for over 15 years

We have been cutting and colouring hair for over 15 years and have learned a thing or two over those years the most important being a great consultation, great technique, great communication and product. We are dedicated to excell in all of these are sometimes cheap is not good and generally in life you get what you pay for.

Cheap Haircuts

Sometimes cheap haircuts are really expensive haircuts? How does this work you may ask?

Low quality haircuts need more regulkar styling and more maintenance care. High quality cuts and colour need little mainetenance and little up keep. Have you ever been feed up with going 6 times a year to your local salon? It is our pledge to you given you use the recommended products we can cut your visit to the hairdresser down to 4-5 times a year literally saving you close to 1000$ dollars on your average year.

Great Haircuts

Great haircuts should last, make you feel great and put a smile on your face. it is our job to make your haircuts amazing and put you into a place of happiness. We stock some of the largest and best brands available in the industry and stock almost every major available including Redken, Biosilk, Affinage, Fudge and many many more.

Best prices

For our high quality of work we believe we are the most competitive in the market. We aim to be mid range and able anyone in the market for a haircut to be able to afford a haircut. If your new to Chelsea Heights please enquire for a free consultation.